"The Devil's Playground - The Church" written by Gary Althorp with Foreword by Dr. Barry Chant.

" ...If we get the gospel of grace right, everything else will be right; if we get the gospel wrong, everything else will be wrong. 
In this book, Gary Althorp is calling us back to the gospel. He pleads with us to stand firmly on the simple message of the Cross.
If we do, he argues that our faith, our life-style, our counselling, our spiritual warfare and our experiences will all fall into line.

It is not easy to take a corrective approach without appearing to be negative. This is a hazard all prophets face. No one likes correction.
Gary Althorp does take a prophetic stance in this volume. He does jolt the mind and awaken the heart.
He says some uncomfortable things. But he is not negative. His approach is Biblical, positive and Christ-centered.

I hope that many people will read and hear what he has to say."

Dr. Barry Chant
Founding President, Tabor Colleges
Author and Teacher

 fatherhood of god

 The main purpose Jesus came to earth was to reveal the Father.

This series of three studies are on the Fatherhood of God.